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Rain is the toughest thing to deal with when it comes to baseball. Needless to say all the athletes are excited to put the skills they have worked on all winter to use on the field, but it’s raining and the fields are absolutely soaked!!! The Data in Baseball has been flooding our senses with data and numbers……LA, Exit Velo, BBE and so much more

SO……. It’s 2019…and we have HitTrax technology at Baseline sports which will allow teams and athletes to start their seasons and more importantly continue and maintain development even if it’s soaking wet outside.

Hittrax has been implemented in the MLB, NCAA and international programs. Baseline was the first place to have Hittrax as a permanent tool and now we have 2 in house HitTrax systems in place. It is a powerful analytical tool we use here at Baseline. It allows for us to create strong efficient swings. While also very entertaining for all athletes, as they can play in any ballpark in Major league baseball, as well as Williamsport for all the little league fans out there. The data collected allows for the instructor/ coach/ athlete to make adjustments that allow for a tighter more efficient swing path.

So let’s start to understand DATA which is used on Hittrax and Baseball broadcasts, here I explain some of the acronym’s used.

BBE- Batted Ball Event

All fair balls are BBE’s, as well as foul balls that result in an out or an error

HROPP%- Short for Home Run Opportunity percentage

The percentage of a hitters batted balls between 22-36°. These are balls most likely to yield home runs.

LA- Short for Launch Angle

A hitters average launch angle on his balls in play

Exit Velocity on FB/LD- The average velocity at which a hitters fly balls and line drives travel.

Barrel- a batted ball with an exit velocity of at least 98 mph and a launch angle between 26-30°. Barrels also include some hits over the 98 mph that fall out of that range.

Thoughts on the value of analytics and numbers? DO YOU KNOW YOUR BASELINE NUMBERS! Cone and get your Hittrax BASELINE ASSESSMENT!!

More to come on our weekly posts!

Coach Raf

Head of Development

Executive Director Baseline Sports

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