Wilson A2000 M1 SS - WTA20RB17M1SS - 33.5

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The new A2000¬Æ M2 SS harnesses the technology behind the popular A2000¬Æ M1 catcher's mitt and incorporates the innovation of a thumb protector inside the mitt. Inspired by Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez, who detailed numerous thumb injuries in a discussion with Wilson Glove Master Craftsman  Also, this new pattern features a patented piece of leather over the wrist and thumb that protects the ligaments in the thumb by reducing rebound on foul balls that glance off the heel of the mitt. The A2000¬Æ M2 SS mitt incorporates SuperSkin‚Ñ¢ -- which is half the weight and twice the strength of leather -- creating a light, protective and long lasting mitt with a great break in.