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Rawlings R9 Gamer / 1125U-2BT / 11.25 Inch / Black+Tan

Rawlings R9 Gamer / 1125U-2BT / 11.25 Inch / Black+Tan

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When your glove fits better, you play better. The R9 ContoUR 11.25-inch Infield Baseball glove features a smaller hand opening and lowered finger stalls, ensuring a better fit for youth players who are developing their defensive skills. The R9 ContoUR series features a soft, durable all-leather shell that's game-ready right away, so you can hit the field with your gamer sooner.

Also, the reinforced palm pad and padded thumb loop provide extra impact protection so you can attack the ball with confidence. And since they're crafted in pro-style patterns, these youth gloves will give way seamlessly to adult models when the time comes. The ContoUR fit is a long-awaited solution for players looking for a glove that fits their game and their hand.

Try one on and experience the difference that the right glove can make on your game!

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