20,000 Square Feet for All Your Sport Needs

With nearly 20,000 square feet of space, we have the space and the knowledge to help bring your team to the next level.  Our three, 130 foot long turf fields allow optimal room for all your sport needs. 

Want to come in and run a team practice? We have 2 Lanes with 4 Retractable cages that make it easier for teams to go from defense, to pitching and hitting. You can have 4 cages going at once, 2 cages and small fielding area or a big open area. Up to you how the space is used.

Want to train and lift? Then our High Performance Lane/Lab is the way to go. With 2 full size (90'x15') permanent cages (with Hittrax) and Gym (40'x30'), this Lane allows you to stay in shape and workout while still tackling Pitching and Hitting. Small fielding area is provided in the gym for drills.

For more info on booking your team, please call 416-775-1037 or email us at info@baselinesports.ca